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Innovative Monitoring

PocketECG™ is the only FDA-approved monitor that unifies traditional Holter, event and mobile telemetry monitoring into one solution. Detailed yet concise reporting defines our industry leadership.

Personalized Care

With a personalized human element, Medi-Lynx strives to provide the best experience for our patients and clinical partners. Tailored services for every physician provides customization like never before.

Advanced Security

Cutting-edge encryption and security protocols ensure integrity and privacy of patient information. Whether enrolling patients online, accessing reports, or communicating with Medi-Lynx, we maintain exceptional HIPAA compliance.

Human Element

At Medi-Lynx we are all heart. We are proud to deliver stellar customer service to our clinical partners and patients that we serve, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is our mission and our passion.



Combining gold-standard diagnostics of Holter monitoring with the best aspects of traditional event and mobile telemetry systems, PocketECG revolutionizes cardiac monitoring. By utilizing industry leading algorithms, PocketECG analyzes the complete ECG waveform and classifies morphology in real time for up to 30 days. Automatic wireless transmission of full-disclosure ECG signal means access to complete onset and offset data for every event. A simple user-friendly interface allows for streamlined symptom-reporting by patients.

Heartrak Smart AF™

The Heartrak Smart AF™ device automatically detects Tachycardia, Bradycardia, Atrial Fibrillation, and Pauses. This monitor has the capability to store multiple events and employs looping memory to capture data before and after activation, which can then be transmitted via telephone line.

Heartrak Smart 2™

The Heartrak 2™ is an easy-to-use monitor that allows for the capture of symptomatic events. Patients can conveniently carry this small device in a pocket or purse.

Ready to start monitoring your patients?

Ready to start monitoring your patients?

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